Friday 13 February 2015

HMS Victory.

HMS VICTORY                  24-Jan-1944     to    14-Feb-1944

Straight after his promotion it seems that Dad was sent back down to Portsmouth as it say he was two weeks additional to Victory for a Divisional Course. Additional meant that he didn’t sign on to the establishment but it was just for a course. As we learned when Dad was first in Victory it is not the wooden walled ship of Nelson fame but an accounting place for people moving about. Previously Dad was posted to Victory I and III. This time there is no number and so it refers to an actual barracks that where on Queens Street in Portsmouth where matelots were housed whilst on courses! I have found a confidential letter to Dad directing him to report to RN Barracks, Portsmouth for a divisional course. I do remember seeing a short booklet with just ‘OLQ’s’ on the front and Dad told me it stood for Officer Like Qualities and was given him during Officer training so this may have been at this time.

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