Sunday 1 June 2014

HMS Nelson again.

HMS NELSON   20-Sep-42   to 14-Oct-42

Nelson seems to have completed her own dry dock and modification on about 14th/15th October and following loading stores and ammunition also sailed to Scapa Flow for work up to war footing once again.

HMS Nelson X turret showing 3 16” shells being wheeled in their bogies. The canisters behind to the right hold two cordite charges. Six charges were required to fire the gun.

Dad must have though that he would get back into the old routine and settle down once again but it seems he was temporarily posted to HMS Cochrane. By this time both HMS Nelson and Rodney had been nominated for Operation Torch (North Africa Landings) and as Dad was still on Admiral Syfret’s staff I think that he would have been assigned to this shore base to learn the new signals, procedures and codes for the new operation. 

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